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Professional History

What I’ve Worked On


National Theatre - Making Theatre Green 

Due to the high alert on climate change, the National Theatre created an event, questioning theater designers on how we can lower our carbon footprint when making our sets or costumes. They got different industries and educational institutions to create installations on this matter. With my university’s installation, I helped set up, decorate, and present it.


PQ Studio:⁠ Common Design Project - The White Plague

I had completed the PQ project, where they had set out the task of creating a performance using the play “the White Plague” by Karel Čapek since the over 80-year-old play has strange connections with the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.


Stage Handler for "The London Contemporary Dance School"

I helped out as one of the stage handlers for Ba Theatre Design Year 3 collaborations performances with LCDS dancers. I learned the basics of setting up a set from a great production manager, Babs.


  • Lucy Algar - Course Leader BA Theatre Design

  • David Farley - Specialist Technician L&T Studios Design and Technology

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