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Who am I?

Welcome to Ducky’s Design. Hi, my name is Dakshini Niyathapala (Ducky). I’m a theatre designer student at UAL: Wimbledon. My designing style is reactive and thought-provoking, where if I don’t get a reaction from my audience, I’ve done it wrong. Whether the reaction is joy, shock, grotesque, or depression, it’s a reaction I’m willing to get out of them. With my designing, I will do everything in my power to make an idea happen, but if not fix it to achieve the end go. I have the determination and tenacity of a mountain goat. I like to say I am a designer because I can mould my style into whatever the task requires of me.

My Education

Where I've Studied


UAL: Wimbledon

In BA: Theatre Design, I've learned new skills, including time management, collaboration, and creating live performances in a group and by myself. I was able to get work experience in the industry and learn how it works. I was able to find my voice in designing and my style.


New City College, Redbridge

I did "Art and Design" (Level 2 Diploma) and "Art and Design Practice: Graphic Design and Illustration Pathway" (Level 3 Extended Diploma), which taught me graphic design and let me experiment with different forms of arts which led me to theatre design and that began my design journey.


Set Model Making, Technical Drawing, Soldering, Jewellery Making, Painting, Prop Making, Graphic Designing, and Collages.

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